Carbonit SANUNO Classic Water Filter

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The water filter Carbonit SANUNO Classic is a classic, easy to install and easy to operate.


The tabletop water filter Carbonit SANUNO Classic is probably one of the most popular and best selling water filter of its kind.



With just a few simple steps the drinking water filter can be connected and operated. This water filter is installed by replacing the spout screen on the tap and you can choose with the little lever on the diverter valve, if that water runs unfiltered as before from the tap or flows over the Carbonit SANUNO Classic and its separate outlet.
The filter cartridge Carbonit NFP Premium used in the classic water filter Carbonit SANUNO  almost completely removes all possibly existing contaminants and the taste of drinking water influencing fabrics.
Get now your own spring into your home.
Enjoy fresh water daily out of your Carbonit water filter SANUNO classic.
Without crates to tow and without burdening the environment.
WARNING - important!
Do not operate the water filter Carbonit SANUNO Classic behind unpressurized boilers and do not connect to shower faucets!