Luisenhaller depths salt® 500g

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The Luisenhaller depths salt ® is a very special salt and in another way even from another time.


The salt, which is produced on Luisenhall, near Göttingen comes from the sea. More precisely from an ocean that existed here once and has dried out 250 million years ago. Because the human did not exist at that time, he had no opportunity to contaminate this sea. This makes us very happy and this salt is so pure, original and valuable. And so it is also left: pure and free from any chemical additives.






The only pan saline.
Luisenhall: A relic from another time. Luisenhall the last still operating pan salt works in Europe is. In the course of a year there is produced just as much salt as the big companys of this industry before the morning break. But the salt is not really comparable. It is promoted as a concentrated brine from 450 meters depth to the Göttingen daylight. Once at the top, this brine is heated in large shallow pans until the salt crystallizes and can be skimmed off. This process is about a thousand years old.