Med. Nitrous oxide

Medical nitrous oxide / N2O / nitrous oxide

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Medical nitrous oxide (N2O) - an anesthetic gas for the dentist, anesthetist and the doctor's office

The supply of medical nitrous oxide is regulated in the Act on the Marketing of Medicinal Products (Arzneimittelgesetz - AMG). Accordingly, medical nitrous oxide may be given only to a strictly regulated group of people (doctors, dentists, hospitals, etc.).

Why laughing gas?

Nitrous oxide is an anesthetic and, in small doses, has analgesic effects, reduces anxiety and, to a lesser extent, has analgesic effects. It leads to a kind of "fogging" and elevated mood. Because of the short time of action it is easy to control. Patients describe a pleasant and relaxing effect, as well as a certain distance from the treatment. Often the condition is described as a kind of hypnosis or trance. The doctor / dentist and the treating team can work more relaxed and more effectively.

Effect and risks of nitrous oxide

Since nitrous oxide leaves the human body almost completely in the same form and quantity when exhaling, it is not metabolized or transformed.

Repeated use may lead to habituation (tollerance development). In order to achieve the desired effect, it then requires an ever larger amount of gas. This in turn can lead to mental dependency. A physical dependence is not known. Notable functional impairments of heart or other organs are unknown.

Treatment / inhalation should be done while sitting or lying down as serious dizziness or loss of consciousness may result from falls.

Medical nitrous oxide / N2O / nitrous oxide