Leva Quell Systems

Service for your system the Leva Quell AG

Service for your system the Leva Quell AG

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Since May 2006 & repairing their Leva Quell system satisfied customers can count on us in terms of service . We are always based on the principle that every client is our only client and therefore absolutely the most important thing .
Our workshop specializes in the repair and service of systems for levitation of Leva Quell AG, the series "Kamena ", " Sirona ", " Hippocrene ", " Helikon ", " Nerio " and " Sulis " and Collovit . The repairs and service work we carry out quickly and in high quality.
In particular, the service to our customers with household appliances, such as the 2.25 l - systems of Leva Quell AG, we have continuously developed and expanded.
For many Leva Quell systems we can offer repair and service at reasonable fixed prices with a two-year extended warranty . All other Leva Quell devices are pre- assessed on economics of repair and , after creating a cost estimate and approved by you , will be repaired .



they use our Pickup-Repair-Service!

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Please send us your Leva Quell system always possible with a repair tickets and without oxygen bottle. The oxygenation of your Leva Quell system, if defective, please include disassembled!
If possible, use for shipping your Leva Quell device refer to the manufacturer original box or use our pickup service. Thus you include transport damage your Leva Quell device from largely.
For any transport damage, we can accept no liability
Were you satisfied with our service and our repair service for your Leva Quell device?
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