Luisenhaller salt

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Luisenhaller depths salt® 500g

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The Luisenhaller depths salt ® is a very special salt and in another way even from another time.


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Luisenhaller salt mill Salt ® 500g

Product no.: 321

Luisenhaller salt mill Salt ® is a very special salt from a another era. A coarse grit for salt mill


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1 kg = 5.20 €
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Luisenhaller salt
The salt, which on Luis Hall, near Göttingen , produce comes from the sea. Or, more precisely from an ocean that existed here once and has not dried out 250 million years ago . Because the people did not exist at that time , he had no opportunity to contaminate this sea . This makes us very happy and this salt is so pure , original and valuable. And so it is also left : pure and free from any chemical additives .
Luisenhaller salt / low salt from the single pan salt works in Europe :
Luis Hall: A relic from another time . Luisenhall the last still operating pan salt works in Europe is . In the course of a year there is just produces as much salt as the Great establish this industry before the morning break . But the salt is not really comparable. It is promoted as a concentrated brine from 450 meters depth to the Göttingen daylight. Once at the top , this brine is heated in large shallow pans until the salt crystallizes and can be skimmed off . This process is about a thousand years old .