Making Levitated water by itself

Making Levitated water by itself Hacheney

Water and pressure - The Physics of Water

Drinking establishments can transport the water with high pressure in our households. However, water can withstand any pressure, without the physical quality suffers. Under pressure changed the internal structure of the water and thus its energy quality. The water molecules are pressed together into giant rigid molecular groups (clusters) and have the limitations of the smooth tube walls no opportunity for regenerative vortex motion, would like water flowing in nature. Thereby our water loses its "vitality". But how can we return the water its vitality? we are guided by nature, it allows us for millions of years ago. The turbulence of the water in a mountain stream behind the stones will be described in the literature as "Karman vortex street". Significantly, the counter-rotating eddies behind the stones. This pressure-free vortex sucking air and hence oxygen in the water and regenerate the same molecular structure of water. 

karmansche Wirbelstrasse




Historical - good water in other eras

Already in incurred centuries buildings, this principle already to discover that the water pipes have preserved and promoted the vitality of water in Roman times, one can u A. very clearly to the remaining remnants of the Roman aqueduct of the Eifel to Köln.. A piece of this ancient aqueduct is restored in a park of the city Zülpich. It is evident that here irregular natural stones at the base of brick conduit the water could naturally swirl; just enough room for free vortex motion was present. The physical quality of this water was certainly an excellent, similar to a mountain stream.



The Levitation - producing levitated water - so it's done

Today one accesses a physical regeneration process back to break our "verclustertes" by the high pump pressure tap water again into many small clusters. This process is often referred to as levitation and one often spicht also from levitated water. The first devices for producing levitated water have been developed by the German engineer and physicist Wilfried Hacheney. It has been known for over 30 years and it is called in this connection by Levi Formatted water. since the early 80's were years of the last century, among other things, of Hacheney and Leva source, already built several water treatment equipment and brought to market. the Kollitor been optimized to current technological knowledge, so that everyone in the household, in the office or in practice be levitated water can produce themselves. people who drink this so aufberitete levitated water, they report and are enthusiastic: ". it is much easier and more pleasant to drink and tastes better - a true drinking pleasure" Try yourself. 


made Levitated water itself - with the Kollitor

In principle, the levitation is copied from nature, otherwise than in a mountain behind the stones. The water is swirled for 3 minutes powerfully rhythmic opposite in these devices - a process, as in nature. The Levitationsgerät for the budget, which is Kollitor with two full jugs of filtered tap water filled through the top opening and started the three-minute process by pressing a button on the keyboard.

In the first phase of the process of levitation of rotating with around 10,800 revolutions per minute double-rotor sucks water down from the inner funnel of Kollitors and takes it as a rotating film of water on the inside of the big hyperbolic water container ascend. In the second phase of levitation, the water is gently up beneath the appliance cover by baffles, but passed with full flow velocity in-changed flow direction in the inner funnel. In the third phase of the flow Levitation the water at the inside of the inner hopper flows spirally downward. The shape of this inner funnel creates flow conditions, as they are given in nature in the vertebrate judges of Bach water behind the stones. And according to the physical swirl cup-law, the velocity of the water increases significantly with of tightening funnel in depth. In the fourth phase derLevitation the rotating water eventually encounters the forces of rotating at around 10,800 revolutions rotor and is abruptly changed in its direction of flow to reach the back in a big container. After the described levitation process starts all over again. The water is rerouted again from immense great flow velocity in the opposite direction and so finely swirled. The so levitated water is again active and alive and gets a gigantic large inner surface which receives very intense (as of precious stones) as exchange surface flavors (for example, from tea) and information and offers itself as a transport surface at Ausleitungsprozessen. The physical quality of this levitated in a Kollitor water is basically the same of a natural mountain stream - solely by the vertebral processes.