Reset Leva Quell system / Kollitor

Reset Leva Quell system / Kollitor

Reset Leva Quell system / Kollitor

They have had too much water in Leva Quell system or your Kollitor and all LEDs / lamps flash? No problem ...


Please go to the acknowledgment of your Kollitors / Leva Quell system as follows:


  • Now press the top button "POWER" and keep it pressed further.
  • Please turn on the device and operate the device according to the usual routine when you would prepare water. Once you have the "START" button is pressed, all the LED lights begin to alternately flash.
  • Turn off the unit with the mains switch on the rear hold the "POWER" button. Keep the button pressed until all the lights are off. VERY IMPORTANT! Otherwise, a software reset is performed on the device!
  • Press and hold, the unit is off, press the "POWER". Now switch, while pressing the "POWER", the device (switch back). Only after the LED "standby" (red) lit, release the button.

Now you have acknowledged the overcrowding and can operate your appliance as usual.


If the above procedure, contrary to expectations, have not been successful, repeat the process and use it instead of the "Power" button please press all three keys at the same time.
Switch off the device! All THREE press keys on the keyboard at the same time and switch on the device again. Keep the keys pressed until the "standby lamp" lights up.


We are at your disposal for questions. You can reach us at


+49 5071 7821890.


best wishes from Germany