Find out more about water filter / drinking water filter

Find out more about water filter / drinking water filter



Why should you filter your drinking water:

Why use water filter? Are water filters make sense?                       


Our drinking water comes on its long journey from the depths of the earth to the faucet with a variety of materials in contact . And almost always leave their mark on this precious water - more or less desired . Drinking water quality is measured in the water works and goes out of the house connecting the responsibility of the owner over , so that the quality statement of the waterworks is only half the truth. In addition , as one of " air aging " speaks that is perceived differently from person to person , there are also the drinking water individual preferences . Even in tap water, which should be from an expert point of view already meets all the parameters of the drinking water regulations and health hazard , substances may be present , which are undesirable and affect the taste . With more and more households there arises the desire of a subsequent treatment of drinking water . This treatment request may relate to Grenz-/Richtwerte drinking water regulations which are judged for their own well -being as being too high or water constituents that are not covered by the drinking water regulations (eg, drug residues , etc. ) . The numerous headlines of the past time to our drinking water and its quality speaks for itself. Whether " uranium in drinking water ", " EHEC " or the contamination of our drinking water resources by agriculture , it is increasingly evident that the central water treatment has its limits . Post-treatment , decentralized, directly at the delivery point seems to be one of the most effective and sustainable solutions . By purchasing a CARBONIT water filter you choose the highest water quality "Made in Germany".


Natural Resources                                   


The natural compound activated carbon is refined by CARBONIT by a unique and internationally patented process. All raw materials are processed by CARBONIT supervised residue-free. They meet strict European standards for water filters. Cutting-edge technology provides unparalleled performance. The CARBONIT - water filters combine exceptional Filtration down to 0.45 microns with the high adsorption performance of activated carbon. As spring water from the tap. No carrying of heavy water boxes.


Reliable effect      


Report of renowned institutes confirm the thorough, chemical-free removal of undesirable substances by this water filter. CARBONIT monoblock water filters remove heavy metals such as copper and lead, chlorine, drug residues, pesticides and micro-organisms, lime and rust particles, and many other substances. The effectiveness of the water filter is TÜV tested and confirmed in numerous applications. CARBONIT water filter cartridges do not contain any additions of silver or other chemical disinfection materials. Dissolved minerals in the water and passing the water filter unhindered. The above-average filter performance of CARBONIT water filters Capacity-controlled filter change for "power to the last drop". If contaminated, the water filter itself (greatly reduced water flow) closes. Recommended filter change for the NFP Premium water filter cartridge after 6 months (DIN 1988) and 10,000 liters.


Safe to use


Experts' reports that when used as a bacterial contamination and breaking through the CARBONIT water filter cartridge (chromatographic effect) can not be demonstrated. Microbial contamination as with non-activated carbon beds or a release of contaminants is prevented by design. No additional water boiling necessary. The stability of the housing of the water filter is tested according to European standards and constantly monitored. A CARBONIT water filter excludes largely unwanted and also the taste substances detrimental to affect the quality of your drinking water.

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