Kollitor ® Basic

Kollitor ® Basic

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Kollitor ® basic

Levitated water homemade !

The Kollitor ® is a home appliance for improving the physical quality of your drinking water and is very easy to use. The Kollitor ® has to be filled with 2.25 liters of fresh water, connected to a power outlet (230 volts) and started by using the keyboard. Now the water filled in the Kollitor ® is brought to very high flow rates and powerfully rhythmic - swirled in opposite directions. Essential is here , the permanent change of the flow direction in the Kollitor ®. The process itself is nothing new, nature does it since millions of years ago. By moving, especially through turbulence, water is kept fresh and rehashed. Small eddies in the flowing water provide a fine structure, purity and freshness and the necessary oxygen content in the water.


The Kollitor ® provides you  already after three minutes with around two liters of the finest and fresh water. This finely swirled water tastes much like spring water - soft, gentle, wonderfully smooth and it does noticeably well .


A true drinking pleasure !
We are happy to inform you about the quality, the benefits of this special water and further details of the Kollitors . But to really convince you we offer to try a Kollitor ® for a few weeks and experience the unique advantages of this particular water once personally .
Have we made you curious?
Then you get your own spring - your Kollitor ® - ideally at home.
You will be amazed .


Still not convinced?

Then just give it a try!

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In order to obtain an optimum water quality, we recommend filtering the tap water before using it in the Kollitor ® and recommend you use the carbonite filter products from our range. Carbonite water filter
Click here to read why you should filter your water ...
The Kollitor ® is manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards . The facilities have been certified by TÜV and have a LGA approval. Improved electromagnetic shield and splash protection for your own safety are only two significant differences from previous models. The Kollitor is maintenance-free and we provide a 24 month warranty on the system. Even after the end of warranty we are all set to help you with our own workshop and expert staff. So you will have many years of enjoyment with your Kollitor.



Included in delivery:

  • Kollitor ® household unit for the preparation of 2.25 liters of drinking water
  • funnel
  • 1.125 liters jug
  • manual.


Which engine power is required for the levitation ?

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Glass fuse 5.5 A Glass fuse 5.5 A
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Stainless Steel - filling funnel to Kollitor and Leva Quell device Stainless Steel - filling funnel to Kollitor and Leva Quell device
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Delivery weight: 120 g
L001 L001
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Delivery weight: 19 kg
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