Carbonit CITO Classic water filter

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Carbonit CITO Classic Built-in water filter fitted with quick release and Carbonit NFP Premium filter cartridge. Without valve!

Do your body and improve your health: With the CARBONIT CITO Classic you get your source for good drinking water just go home...

Discover the practical QuickConnect water filter!

The CARBONIT CITO Classic is delivered with the filter cartridge CARBONIT NFP Premium and is a practical water filter that converts tap water into perfectly drinkable water. To have your own personal water source anywhere in your home - and hauling crates and spending on drinking water are simply passé. This CITO Classic you always enjoy fresh water. And the best part: The installation and commissioning of CITO Classic is very easy.

Mounting and filter change easy made.

The CARBONIT CITO Classic can be installed by you easily. Assembly instructions are also attached as all accessories required. The water filter is mounted as a branch between the lime water angle valve and the kitchen faucet discreetly under the sink. Here, a separate faucet or a 3-way valve is provided (not included).

The Quick Connect Quick closure ensures easy handling when changing the filter, because with a simple turn of the filter housing of the water supply and drain facilities are closed by automatic valves. The replacement of the filter cartridge can simply be carried out in the sink.

The CARBONIT CITO Classic hidden under the sink

So you still have a lot of space and order in your kitchen, the CITO Classic hides under the sink. Please note that the water filter is supplied without a valve and can thus be combined with your separate or 3-way valve.


  • Complete device including QC head
  • 3/8 inch connections and cap
  • Two keys for opening the filter housing
  • 3 pieces of stainless steel flexible hoses each 80 cm long
  • Tee 3/8 inch
  • Wall holder with screws
  • Filter cartridge NFP Premium (built-in)
  • Mounting instructions

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